Partner Training

Enjoy customized workouts with a friend, colleague, or your significant other. A great way to have someone else to encourage you and hold you accountable. Also, a great way to keep a relationship healthy.

Small Group (3-6) members

Mid-size Groups (7-10) members

Great way to work with friends with a possibility of meeting others that are on the same fitness level as you are. Great way to keep each other accountable and have friendly competitions. 

Personal Fitness Training

Fees based on number of people in the session as well as the travel for each session.
Our trainers will work with you to determine a fee schedule.  


One-On-One Training

Regardless of age or ability, this is a perfect way to learn new, innovative workouts and focus directly on your needs. A great way to concentrate on your techniques which can be overlooked in a larger group setting. This also works well for those that are nervous and do not know what exactly to do if they were to go to the gym on their own.

Mommy-and-Me Classes

For new mothers, mother's to be, or mother's of young toddlers. Instead of spending extra money on a baby sitter or STRUGGLING to find one - let's work on getting those extra pounds off with the one that put them on! Fathers often gain 'sympathy weight' which we can work off as well! We can get you down to your pre-pregnancy weight no matter who you are and work on your posture for stronger baby-holding abilities. Have fun with us as a family. © 2015 | All Rights Reserved | Created By mason robinson

"We Love Mason! great training, we see results with just a few sessions, my pre baby jeans fit me and what can you ask for??? :) fun and motivating"

-Jana L. | Bridgewater, NJ