Office Training‚Äč

Have a fun work out with your coworkers. Companies perform better when the employees are excited about work and energized while in the office. Instead of hitting an afternoon wall, change it up with some high-energy training.

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Group Training

Small Group (3-6) members

Mid-sized Groups (7-10) members

Great way to work with friends with a possibility of meeting others that are on the same fitness level as you are. Great way to keep each other accountable and have friendly competitions. 

Partner Training

Enjoy customized workouts with a friend, colleague, or your significant other. a great way to have someone else to encourage you and hold you accountable. Also, a great way to keep a relationship healthy.
Partner Training: 
$175 per person for the
first 5 sessions


Small Group:  $150 per person 
Mid-sized Group:  $125 per person

for the first 5 sessions