Through several injuries and setbacks, Mason has overcome tough situations with hard work, ambition, and dedication. Using athletics as his vehicle, Mason turns his adversities into blessings. He is a determined individual. He made a pledge to himself to make it to the pros and no matter what happened, he would not give up on his dream. While playing Rutgers football, he needed reconstruction surgery on BOTH knees after tearing BOTH ACLs, which sidelined him for 2 seasons. Through all this, Mason kept a positive attitude.

His experiences and passion has not only made Mason a better trainer, but also a better leader and visionary. His techniques empower people, build confidence, and develop mental toughness through training and overall health awareness. His motivational technique has helped many community leaders, coaches, and parents inspire positivity and change. if you need an extra spark from your team, or if you need another voice to speak to your class, team, office, etc., contact Mason TODAY. 

Mason Robinson

CEO & Head Coach - SHock THe WOrld, LLC.

Professional Athlete - Tampa Bay Buccaneers & New York Jets

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